Real-time traffic conditions as of:
Wed Sep. 27, 2023 11:25 PM
Peace Bridge  No Delay

1/12 Open

 No Delay

1/8 Open


0/2 Open

L. Queenston  No Delay  No Delay N/A
Rainbow Bridge  13 min N/A N/A
Whirlpool ** N/A N/A  CLOSED
Peace Bridge  No Delay

2/12 Open

 21 min

4/5 Open

 No Delay

1/2 Open

L. Queenston  No Delay  16 min  No Delay
Rainbow Bridge  No Delay N/A N/A
Whirlpool ** N/A N/A  Delay Times
Not Available
** Real-time technology is not currently available.
These bridges are updated hourly.
   images indicate trend in wait times.
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