Environmental Sustainability and the Peace Bridge

Peace Bridge secondary plaza areas and Duty Free parking lots officially
designated "no idling" zones for vehicles as of September 1, 2012.

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In recent years, the Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority has undertaken a number of green initiatives to help reduce the organization’s environmental imprint, while providing a more sustainable border crossing for local residents and travelers.

No_Idling_Singnage_InstallationThis effort has included various activities to reduce energy consumption, manage stormwater runoff, limit vehicle idling and enforce applicable idling laws, dialogue with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on best port practices, encourage green transportation alternatives at the crossing (bicycles), conduct tree plantings and adjacent parkland cleanups, improve design codes for new construction, as well as embrace and promote expedited traveler crossing technologies.

To learn more about the Authority's environmental stewardship, please click here to check out our "Green Fact Sheet."



In addition, the latest version of the "Spare the Air" newsletter has been issued, so click here to download a copy!




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